Police and Fire CAD and Mobile Systems

LOGIS utilizes the TriTech Inform Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Mobile system. The LOGIS members selected TriTech after reviewing many regional and national vendors and finding the CAD and Mobile system the best at fitting the consortium’s multi-jurisdictional needs.

Call Taking and Dispatching

  • Enterprise CAD is a feature rich, configurable and flexible call-taking application.
  • The command line is flexible, allowing agencies to use familiar commands cutting down on training time.
  • Integration with the internet leverages search engine capabilities.
  • Advisor Module prioritizes system events and provides recommendations for action.
  • Inform Browser allows view into CAD and additional functionality.


Flexible Response Plans

  • Allows each agency to determine their response to calls for service.
  • Response plans allow for dynamic changes when substitution or augmentations are needed.
  • Plans can take into account unit capabilities and resource capabilities to get the exact resource needed to a location in the least amount of time.


Integrated Mapping

  • Enterprise CAD and Mobile are location centric applications providing the fastest response to life-threatening emergencies.
  • GIS integration computes not only the closest unit but takes into account obstacles that will slow response, insuring the public gets the timeliest response.
  • Police and fire vehicles get routing directions that take into account closed roads.
  • Advanced map capability with custom layers.


Application Screenshot: Click image to enlarge.

Application Screenshot: Click image to enlarge.

Improved Field Communication

  • The integrated CAD/Mobile solution is seamless, allowing field personnel access to information in real time.
  • Officers and Firefighters can instantly tell when a new update has been added both visually and audibly.
  • Attachments can easily be sent between CAD and Mobile.


Inform Mobile

  • Routable mapping & vehicle tracking.
  • Form driven queries of CAD, RMS and CJIS data.
  • Easy access to mission-critical information.
  • Premise information available in the field to aid responders.
  • Automatic provisioning over the air for updates.
  • Full tracking of vehicles allows incident commanders better scene awareness.


Application Screenshot: Click image to enlarge.


The TriTech’s Inform Mobile is very configurable with each agency. The customization allow for easier adoption by the users since it can closely mimic applications to which the user is acquainted.


FieldOps Mobile Application

  • Available for iOS and Android Devices.



LOGIS invests in best of breed application software from national vendors such as Oracle, JD Edwards and TriTech. Costs for technology solutions and applications are shared among members. Our member support staff is based right here in Minnesota.