Effective, Adaptable Public Sector Technology Solutions

Local Government Information Systems (LOGIS) provides technology solutions and support that help Minnesota’s local governments and the communities they serve thrive. We offer software solutions that meet financial, human resources, public safety, permitting & inspections, GIS, and other critical needs as well as a complete package of network services including infrastructure & system design, security, and other managed services.

Benefits through membership, sharing, and collaboration

Founded in 1972, LOGIS was created out of individual necessity but continued to grow and evolve through successful collaboration. In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, local governments struggled to meet their technology needs due to high costs and a lack of software geared towards their unique environment. The solution was to combine resources from multiple government agencies to develop software that met those needs. LOGIS was created to carry out that objective. We understand local government because we are local government. We’re an extension of our members’ staff and helping them succeed is our number one priority.

LOGIS employs a diverse workforce with varied experience, skillsets, and perspectives. We’re committed to providing avenues for personal and professional growth, and opportunities for career advancement. Each employee is asked to participate in our planning processes to ensure member outcomes are improved, and our long-term strategies are fulfilled.

Organization Values

LOGIS and its employees collectively developed its organizational values to ensure we maintain and celebrate the right culture and work environment for each employee and our member agencies. LOGIS and its employees aspire to:

  • Uphold a culture of integrity, accountability, and adaptability
  • Establish a respectful work environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement
  • Empower employees with the knowledge and skill needed to succeed, and promote relationships across all teams
  • Foster a member-focused approach that creates value and helps member communities thrive

We further commit to incorporate these values in the development of our strategic priorities, staff development, and everyday decision-making.


LOGIS invests in best of breed application software from national vendors such as Oracle, Sprypoint and CentralSquare. Costs for technology solutions and applications are shared among members. Our member support staff is based right here in Minnesota.